Sai Sarath Chandra was captivated by the power of the internet from a young age. His education both in school and from individual pursuit fostered his appreciation until his discovering of Cloud. Cloud brought all his interests and dreams of what the internet could accomplish to reality. Now he shares his journey with others.

Before he learned about the networking power of the internet, Sai was fascinated by interpersonal experiences especially how people connected through odd or seemingly random events. People feel like islands leading our own lives independent of others and our individual experiences make us uniquely different from one another. But finding common ground happened quite often between strangers and Sai wanted to explore this phenomenon more. What deepened this interest for him was the internet in that it could facilitate these connects deeply and instantly.

Among the things that particularly interested him were search engines, online banking and the opportunities the internet opened up for the physically and mentally disabled. A Google search could link you with someone you knew years ago or someone with the same interests as you on the other side of the globe. Social networks could bring groups of people together with similar interests and through collective effort create something an individual would need years to accomplish. Sai also appreciated the economic freedom that arose from being able to bank with ease through these networks and avoid the bureaucratic quagmire of large privately-owned banks. Money sent to and from individuals could now be done in a much freer, cheaper way that allowed for many more economic opportunities. On an individual level, he also noticed that people who would traditionally be unable to join the work force due to limitations were now able to use the talents they could offer through the ease of use of the internet. Empowerment of the individual got Sai interested in learning more about internet capabilities so he moved from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, South India to New Delhi to pursue a proper education in the networking field.

Presenting "Serverless computing" @MVPGlobal Summit, Hangzhou

In school, Sai found that his interests culminated around designing automation and communication systems.  While his curriculum only taught him a limited amount, Sai spent hours outside of the classroom teaching himself about cognitive automation and eventually landed a job in this field. He wanted to run programs that his personal servers computing power couldn’t handle to get robust results and this type of hardware he did not have the financial means to purchase on his own. Sai then discovered that if he off boarded his work to the Cloud he could access all the computing power he needed to run his simulations while not bearing the costs of large personal infrastructure.

He first tried using AWS and Google cloud services but after having a set of payment issues as well as connectivity issues he found a deal on Alibaba Cloud. For his modest investment of $300, Sai was able to capture all the functionality he needed while accessing a team of helpful customer service that was tailoring his cloud services to what he was specifically trying to accomplish. He was easily able to fulfill what his job required him to do with the Alibaba Cloud services but he wanted more; he wanted to pursue his own passions of computing power and his product exploration journey began. He quickly found many channels to build his dreams and improve himself.

As part of this journey, he became a promoter of these Cloud products. He connected with local institutes to work with students, began giving demos of his projects offline, and writing on the Alibaba Cloud blogs; all ways to share what he was learning while deepening his understand of the subject on his own.  

While writing his blogs, he wanted access to more Alibaba Cloud resources including the product team and found out about the Alibaba Cloud MVP program. The MVP program was easy for him to pass as he was already accomplishing many of the requirements needed to become an MVP. With this new title, he was given a fresh wave of belief in himself to speak publicly and make deeper connections with individuals. With this new-found confidence, Sai got a new job as an architect of cloud technologies in New Delhi. He vows that his new job was way out of his league for his resume and age and credits his employment to the MVP title Alibaba Cloud had given him.

With his new title as cloud architect, he is able to kill two birds with one stone: make a living pursuing his passion while continuing to promote and educate himself about Alibaba Cloud services. At the same time, he stays in constant communication with the Alibaba support team and MVP community to receive the assistance he needs to optimize his projects. He has since been to a global summit in Hangzhou and has spoken side-by-side with Alibaba Professors in Singapore finding that he is truly adding value to the Cloud community. He continues to find new ways to grow the Cloud community by offering platforms for people to teach and learn while offering discounts and sometimes free courses to get people in the door.

Sai continues to be a student of Alibaba Cloud: he plans to complete the ACP certification in the next month while finishing 15 Clouder courses. He is truly grateful for the opportunity that Alibaba has given to him and he thanks our community for not only getting him a dream job but helping him pursue his dreams of connecting the world through Cloud technology. Sai’s energy is higher than ever and has big plans to be a global Key Opinion Leader of the cloud community. We look forward to hearing more about his net endeavors and his next great contributions the Alibaba Cloud community.

I am grateful to James Fitzgerald for this wonderful write-up.