Alibaba Cloud Professional - Cloud Computing Certification sample questions with Answers

Single Selections

  1. You can choose Alibaba Cloud ECS instances in multiple different regions based on the distribution of your customer communities, which can improve cross-region disaster tolerance of your businesses while meeting your customers' access speed demands. Which of the following descriptions regarding ECS regions and zones is wrong? ________.
    a) You cannot change an ECS instance region after the purchase.
    b) You are advised to select the same region if you need to use the purchased ECS instance incombination with other Alibaba Cloud products and keep them interconnected via the intranet.
    c) ECS instances in different zones in the same region under the same account are not interconnected viathe intranet.
    d) There can be multiple zones within the same region.
  2. A challenging characteristic of the game industry is the unpredictable and fluctuating business traffic. For example, today one ECS instance is enough to handle all business demands, but tomorrow ten ECS instances may be required. In these scenarios, it is difficult to predict the number of ECS instances required – if too few ECS instances are utilized, you may find it hard to cope with business peaks; whereas if you prepare too many ECS instances, you may incur unnecessary cost for unused or under-utilized instances. On Alibaba Cloud, which of the following do you think is the best combination of Alibaba Cloud products to cope with these game scenarios? ________.
    a) Server Load Balancer + ECS + ApsaraDB for RDS + Auto Scaling
    b) Server Load Balancer + ECS + ApsaraDB for RDS
    c) ECS + Auto Scaling
    d) ECS
  3. An e-commerce website uses the combination of Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer instance and backend ECS instance for its architecture. A user initiates a query for a product, and the request returns the product description and image. If we want to forward image requests to a specific image service for processing, and text requests to a specific text service for processing, which Server Load Balancer service of the following is applicable for this scenario?
    a) Layer-7 service
    b) Layer-4 service (TCP)
    c) Layer-4 service (UDP)
    d) Network access protocol exchange
  4. Mike is an architect at a social networking website which has a small user base during the initial startup phase. The images uploaded by each registered customer are directly stored on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance. However, the user base rapidly expanded recently and there are now 3.5 TB of stored images, with the web servers scaling from the original one ECS instance to five. The performance issue has been addressed, but images stored on the ECS instances aren't available for reading or writing across the ECS instances. Alibaba Cloud's ________ product is very suitable for solving this problem.
    a) OSS
    b) Server Load Balancer
    c) CDN


  1. c
  2. a
  3. a
  4. a

Multiple Selections

  1. Many combination samples of Alibaba Cloud CDN with other cloud products and business scenarios are provided for reference on the Alibaba Cloud official website. Alibaba Cloud CDN is a suitable option for the following _________ scenarios. (Number of correct answers: 3.)
    a) BBS forums with less than 100 page views daily.
    b) Purely static sites with more than 100,000 page views daily on Alibaba Cloud virtual host.
    c) Images, HTML, CSS and JS files on a medium-sized e-commerce website.
    d) News portal websites with more than 30 million page views daily and users all around the country.
  2. MapReduce is a programming model for parallel operations of large-scale datasets. It combines well with cloud computing to deal with massive data calculations. Which of the following are the design objectives of MapReduce? (Number of correct answers: 3.)
    a) Easy to program
    b) Easy to expand
    c) Highly error tolerant
    d) Real-time
  3. A video company uses a Server Load Balancer to distribute user access requests to 20 ECS instances with the same configuration which will respond to user requests. The Spring Festival is approaching, and the business volume during the holiday is expected to double based on past experience. Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling can be used to cope with the elastic changes of resources. Since you can accurately predict the changes in the business volume, you can choose a variety of scaling modes for implementation. Which of the following statements are correct? (Number of correct answers: 3.)
    a) Scheduled task: Increase the number of ECS instances to 40 on the first day of the holiday, and reduce the number to 20 after the holiday.
    b) CloudMonitor alerting task: Increase the number of ECS instances dynamically when resources run low by monitoring the CPU and load among others and reduce the number of ECS instances when resources go idle.
    c) Fixed quantity mode: Set the minimal number of instances in a scaling group to 40 from the first day of the holiday, and tune down the parameter to 20 after the holiday.
    d) Health mode: Ensure that all current ECS instances in the scaling group are functioning properly to guarantee responses to users' requests.


  1. b,c,d
  2. a,b,c
  3. a,b,d


  1. An Alibaba Cloud VPC has internal Vswitches and Vrouters, so the VPC can be divided into subnets like a traditional network environment. ECS instances in each subnet are interconnected with the same Vswitch and ECS instances in different subnets are interconnected with Vrouters.
  2. You can activate Alibaba Cloud's CloudMonitor service free of charge while activating Alibaba Cloud's ECS instances. CloudMonitor helps you collect and get multiple monitoring metrics for ECS instances and set alerting rules for various metrics to improve your monitoring and O&M efficiency.


  1. True
  2. True